Aulie Devices Inc. 

The 902 Nylon Knee

The 902 Nylon Knee is now available! 

The 902 features the same Hydraulic Control and Compatibility technology as the 802 knee. The 902 knee is CE marked, and ISO 10328 passed at the 125 kg (275lb) weight level.

Hydraulic Control:

  • The patented hydraulic control is adjustable, lightweight, and simple.  The adjustment clamp controls fluid flow by deforming the walls of the cylinder.  A stainless steel spring provides extension assist. 

  • The 902 Knee features a standard proximal pyramid, and a 30mm tube receiver distally.
  • 850 g (1.9 lb)
Suggested L-Codes:
  • 5930 (High Activity Frame)
  • 5824 (Hydraulic Swing Control)
  • 5925 (Manual Extension Lock)
  • 5850 (Extension Assist)

Technical Information:

  • The 902 Nylon Knee is available direct, or through SPS.

Recommended Ankle:
  • The Rampro Swimankle and Activankle.

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