Aulie Devices Inc. 

The 802 Nylon Knee

The harsh environment knee, designed for every day use in dust and dirt, water and mud... Or at the office! 


  • The 802 Nylon Knee has been ISO 10328 tested at the 100 kg. level, and is designed for low maintenance and durability.  The Knee is machined from extruded Nylon 6/6, an extremely tough thermoplastic.  Shafts are large diameter stainless steel.  Bearing surfaces are precision-machined into the nylon structure, and function well in harsh environments, such as salt water, mud, and sand.
Hydraulic Control:

  • The patented hydraulic control is adjustable, lightweight, and simple.  The adjustment clamp controls fluid flow by deforming the walls of the cylinder.  A stainless steel spring provides extension assist. 

  • The Nylon Knee features a standard proximal pyramid, and a 30mm tube receiver distally.
  • At 1.6 lb. (750g), the Nylon Knee is the lightest hydraulic knee available.

Suggested L-Codes:
  • 5930 (High Activity Frame)
  • 5824 (Hydraulic Swing Control)
  • 5925 (Manual Extension Lock)
  • 5850 (Extension Assist)

Technical Information:

  • The 802 Nylon Knee is available direct, or through SPS.

Recommended Ankle:
  • The Rampro Swimankle and Activankle.
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