Aulie Devices has been designing and manufacturing prosthetic devices since 1989. We hold nine U.S. Patents.
Our designs are scattered about the prosthetics industry world-wide.  Some have been more successful than others, but all have shown innovation.

A few examples: 
  • Seattle Ankle and Socket Adapter. 
  • The First Vertical Stump Cast Digitizer and Carving Machine
  • The 510 Nylon Knee (Child and Adult Versions)
  • The Work Knee, a roller-bearing, 180 degree flexion heavy-use knee.  A version of this knee is now manufactured in Vietnam.
  • The Otto Bock 3R75, an injection molded version of the 510
  • The Blatchford Atlas Knee, an injection molded safety knee, for use in the developing world. 
  • The Endolite TT Pylon 
  • The 802 Nylon Knee, the first polymer knee to pass ISO testing at 100 kg. 
  • The 902 Nylon Knee, a locking version of the 800. 
  • The Side-Kick, a unique endo knee specifically designed for PFFD children.   
Product developments a major part of our business.  If we can help by designing a product for your niche, please contact us. 
Aulie Devices Inc. 

Research and Development

From left to right: The 800 Knee, The Work Knee, The Atlas Knee, and the 3R75. Background: 510 Knee  
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